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Are you worried about your Breasts?

  • March 13, 2014 at 11:55 am

“Are you worried about your Breasts?”
Every woman can worry about the size of their breasts; for those with a small bust they can feel
that they aren’t as desirable as those that have larger breasts. However those that do have
large breasts can be just as insecure. So we thought we would look at both situations, an
answer that all important question… What’s really better, large or small breasts?

Too small?
Many women worry that their breasts are too small, and continually compare themselves to
women who have larger boobs. The never ending stream of images in the media don’t help
either; it seems that every celeb going is no less than a C cup, and those that were famed for
their smaller frame seem to magically grow their breasts overnight (step in Sandra Bullock and
Victoria Beckham).
These images are in front of us even from our teens, where girls magazines do little to help
body confidence; all we can say is that images within these mags (and women’s magazines in
general) are photoshopped to the max, and are far from showing women in their true form.
On the other hand however, just as many women worry that their breasts are too large. Which
leads us on to our next point…

Too big?
Women with smaller breasts may feel that, when compared to a woman with big breasts, they
are less desirable. However, as every big breasted woman will tell you, there are all manner of
issues that they can cause. Back ache, unwanted attention from men, men talking to their chest
and not being taken seriously are all common issues when you’re well endowned.
So what are ‘normal’ breasts? Medically, ‘normal’ is described as when your breasts have enough milk glands in them to
produce enough milk for a baby. The size (or amount of fat tissue) is relevant, and smaller
breasts tend to grow throughout a pregnancy in any case.

So now to that all important question of why people think big breasts are better… Well, the
thing is, this is more often an opinion of small breasted women, rather than men. The media
acts as a teacher in telling us what is normal, and what is abnormal, and is actually far from
what men really think. After all, why would we presume that there is a standard that all men
adhere to?
“Is there something I can do to ‘grow’ my breasts?
Asides from having a boob job, there’s no way guaranteed that you can grow your breasts.
However if you’re absolutely dead set on making your breasts appear bigger, then dressing
accordingly can help.

You should do some research into how to dress for your body type. Generally speaking those
with smaller breasts can give the illusion of being larger by wearing tops or dresses with
detailing around your top half. You could also try layering, such as a cami with a cardigan worn
on top, or patterned, floaty tops that are relatively loose fitting.
Regardless of your breast size you should embrace your body; the only person that is critical of
your chest is you, and the ‘ideal’ size simply doesn’t exist!

8 benefits of having small boobs (yes… really!)

  • March 7, 2014 at 9:00 am

8 benefits of having small boobs (yes… really!)
In a world of enhanced assets, push up bras and celebrities that are naturally big busted and
small waisted (and if you believe that you’ll believe anything), it can be difficult to be happy
with what you’ve been given. However there are lots of reasons why small boobs are great, and
here are just 8 of them!

Got small breasts? Well you should be thankful that you won’t have to put up with the back
ache that accompanies a larger bust. Having large boobs can be really difficult, and there are
plenty of other reasons why, read on to find out what the others are…

For women with large breasts, bra shopping can be nigh on impossible! And even if they do
manage to find a bra that fits and supports, it’s likely that it resembles something like a rather
scary looking sports bra of epic proportions; and the price for these often hideous bras? Well,
much more than that for the pretty bras that you’re accustomed to!

This turn of phrase you may be sick of hearing by now… but it’s true! And unless you want to
put yourself through demanding and expensive surgery then you should accept what you’ve
been given, and be proud of your small boobs! And this leads us on to our next point…

We’ll let you into a little secret… most men don’t love the fake look; natural is most definitely
where it’s at. So embrace your natural figure!

OK, so those large boobs may look appealing today, but what about a few years down the road
when we all, inevitably, age? Put it this way… you should take great comfort in the fact that
your boobs won’t be a victim of gravity over the years.

Having smaller boobs make clothes shopping a whole lot easier; where most women with larger
boobs find it extremely difficult to get tops that both fit and look good, you’re free to choose
from clothes that are designed with you in mind!

Women that have smaller breasts generally have a smaller frame; if you’re lucky enough to
have a slight figure, then your small boobs have been designed to match, you don’t want to
look in danger of toppling over now do you?

Do you look at women with larger breasts and yearn for a miracle growth spurt? Think these
women must have their pick of the men? Think again! If you could ask any woman with large
boobs you’d soon learn that their so called assets attract all sorts of unwanted attention. You’ll
also hear about the way in which men address their breasts, rather that the person that owns
them! Be thankful that you’re not very often in this position!

5 Staple Pieces of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

  • March 6, 2014 at 9:00 am

5 Staple Pieces of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

Just as every woman’s wardrobe should contain essentials including skinny jeans, at least one LBD and a pair of boots that go with every single outfit, the same goes for a woman’s underwear draw. In the lingerie department there are some upper body must-haves that will boost your assets and enhance your overall look.

With so many different styles of tops and dresses, it is imperative you have the correct underwear to compliment each look. A strapless dress with a strappy bra on show is a rookie error, and can easily be avoided by investing in a few simple staple pieces of lingerie. Here are our top five:

T Shirt Bra
This bra is named after a T Shirt because it is designed to be worn under tight fitting clothing. T Shirt Bras have seamless cups, intended to be almost invisible under even the tightest, lightweight top. This bra is ideal for women of all cup sizes, and everyone can benefit from wearing a T Shirt Bra under tight clothing.

Sports Bra
Exercising without a specialised Sports Bra can have disastrous effects, many of which most women aren’t aware of. Smaller chested women often overlook these dangers, as they think their modest bust are immune to sagging and stretching – wrong! A good fitting Sports Bra is essential wear even for light exercise in order to prevent saggy boobs, soreness and back and neck pain.

Push Up Bra
Push Up Bras are perfect for when you feel the need for an extra lift and cleavage boost. They come in many different forms and methods of uplifting the bust; there are different levels to choose from including a gentle boost designed for every day wear, to a dramatic enhancement created with gel or liquid filled cups. A Gel Push up Bra is a must have in any woman’s underwear draw to work wonders under that special dress.

Strapless Bra
A Strapless Bra, or a multi-way bra in which you can alter the formation of the straps is an absolute necessity. A variety of trendy styles in the wardrobe calls for a versatile bra to work with it, to achieve best results. In fact, many women will go as far as to invest in the staple strapless bra in black, white and nude as standard!

Backless Body
For those extra special, eye-catching numbers, sometimes you have no choice but to go braless. Or do you? With a backless body, you can still have the same support and lift offered by a bra without the undesirable straps showing on your backless top or dress. Virtually undetectable, everyone will be stunned at the natural shape of your bust – our little secret.

Do you have any other staple lingerie items you’d like to contribute to the list? Share your enhancement secrets with other small chested women on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Five Self Confidence Tricks Every Girl Should Know

  • March 5, 2014 at 2:09 pm

The Five Self Confidence Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Most women at some point in their life will feel self conscious. We all have
body hang ups and unhappy thoughts about our size or shape when we look
in the mirror. The secret to self confidence is overcoming these thoughts to
be truly happy within your body, to then focus on the more important matters
in life. Beauty always comes from within, so never let anybody (yourself
included!) make you feel like you are not beautiful. Whenever you’re having
a down day, try reading the following tips to achieve self confidence and
contentment within yourself:

1. Be Positive
Having a positive attitude and outlook on life is essential for improving
confidence levels. If you devalue yourself, you give others the permission to
treat you as an unworthy person too. Try your best to put a positive spin on
everything and turn it around for your benefit: think your breasts are too
small? At least you won’t suffer from back pain. Wish you had long, thick,
glamorous hair? After two days you’d be sick and tired of wasting time
washing, drying, and styling it – your current hair is casual and hassle-free.
It’s that easy!

2. Smile – Even when it feels impossible
Believe in yourself and SMILE. Even Audrey Hepburn
herself has stated that the prettiest girls are the ones
who are happy; genuinely happy with their appearance
and their life, who know what they deserve and won’t
settle for anything less. Women who smile and know
their worth are much more attractive – so turn that
frown upside down.

3. Admire Confidence
Insecure women often feel threatened by other women who exude
confidence, but this needs to change. To boost self esteem, you need to be
able to look at women who are happy and confident and see them as
inspiration. This could be someone you know, someone you see in public but
have no contact with or even celebrities. You need to understand that even
these women aren’t uber confident and ridiculously happy all the time, and
they too have moments of doubt and insecurities when they’re alone with the
mirror. But they don’t let these worries overcome their personality – they
smile, they laugh, they are positive and this makes them beautiful. People
are naturally attracted to confidence!

4. Believe in Yourself
If you don’t believe in yourself, then how can
you expect others to? Women need to start
treating themselves how they deserve to be
treated by others and it starts with the simple
belief. With your new found self confidence it’s
time to truly believe you are strong,
independent and attractive – and you can do
anything you set your mind to.

5. Pinpoint Difficult Areas
For women who are struggling finding their self confidence and can’t seem to
boost self-esteem, it’s important to find out why. Is there somebody
stopping you emotionally, or is it just you in your way? Note what it is you
really don’t like about yourself – this could be an internal or external, physical
or emotional block. It could be a body hang-up, a style concern or you could
be losing confidence with your parenting abilities or skills at work. Once
you’ve pinpointed the culprit, it becomes much easier to overcome.
Whatever is stopping you on your way to confidence, highlight it and tackle
the problem. It could be as simple as buying hold-in underwear or
shapewear to boost confidence for a big night out. If you feel uncomfortable
and lose confidence in certain situations, then try and avoid them.

For more helpful advice and confidence boosting info, follow us on Facebook
and Twitter.

New from Gossard, the Gossard EgoBoost

  • October 6, 2013 at 5:13 pm

Arriving this week, the bust boosting new bra from Gossard, the

Ego Boost

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gel filled bras

  • August 16, 2012 at 4:46 pm

If you are conscious of having a smaller chest and want a safe way to boost your bust size then I would recommend trying one of our gel filled brasGel filled bras are comfy to wear and will give you a larger looking bust whilst still looking completely natural.  You can also enhance your cleavage by wearing gel filled bras.  There are different styles of gel filled bras, some are plunge, some are balconette and some are strapless and they also vary in terms of how much gel is inside the cups and whether the gel is removable or fixed.  You can also choose between foam and liquid gel filled bras.