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Welcome to our super range of Gel Padded Bikinis with Clasps on the back. We have researched the world over to bring the best possible selection to you. Each style contains discreet liquid filled pads that will boost your bust size and shape, and work wonders for your cleavage. If you are looking for Small Busted Bikinis then you are in the right place. Please watch the video to hear Emma Clark, Founder of tell you all about it.

Turn up your Speakers, and press Play to  Watch this video about our Swimwear
Here is what one of our lovely customers says about our swimwear,
"Hi there, I am over the moon with the bikini, really could not be happier - I have not been on a beach holiday for over 5 years because I have been so self-conscious about wearing a bikini, but now I will be booking a last minute holiday for this summer & taking my little girls swimming for the first time!! I can't thank you enough, I only wish I'd found your website sooner! Thanks again."

Good News - All Our Swimwear offers the same level of Maximum Gel Boost in each cup!

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