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Latest Customer Reviews

Rosie Gel Bikini Set with Classic Briefs
Rosie Gel Bikini Set with Classic Briefs
Posted: 25th May 2017 at 09:09
Reviewer: (Anonymous)Age: 40-50Size: 10
Customer Feel: Perfect Fit
Very pleased with the quality and fit. Although expensive I'm hoping this beautiful bikini will last the test of time. Tempted to order another as great customer service and product exceeded expectations.
Atomic Pure Velvet Liquid Gel Filled T-shirt Bra
Atomic Pure Velvet Liquid Gel Filled T-shirt Bra
Posted: 11th May 2017 at 10:49
Reviewer: (Anonymous)Age: 16-20Size: 30C
Customer Feel: Perfect Fit
What a product!!!
I, myself, work in the retail industry and know that the phrase "buy cheap buy dear" really means what it says. I alongside many other customers who have left reviews for Maxcleavage, have tried cheaper bras on the market that claim to all have these wonderful boosting effects and natural look. But time after time I have been continually disappointed. I stumbled across Maxcleavage in one last attempt to find a bra that really worked, and what a result!!
I ordered this bra in a 30C, three days later, I am opening the package to such a wonderful creation. The quality is outstanding and the craftsmanship in the detailing and fit is truly incredible. It fits absolutely perfectly. The gel, unlike normal padded/plunge bras, moulds around your natural breast shape and gives you a full and boosted look.
I have just purchased the Liquorice gel bikini set in black and am excitedly waiting for it to arrive.
Thank you again Maxcleavage, this bra is a true game changer!
Navy & White Polka Gel Swimsuit
Navy & White Polka Gel Swimsuit
Posted: 9th May 2017 at 07:32
Reviewer: (Anonymous)Age: 50+Size: 36A
Customer Feel: Perfect Fit
About to go on holiday with a crowd and in need of a comfortable but flattering swimsuit; this one is perfect! It is very comfy, as well as clinging in all of the right places. Reaching 60 is not such a trauma when you have a company like Max that understand individual needs. Looking forward to my holiday now!!
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