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Latest Customer Reviews

Tropical Gel Bikini Set with Tie-Side Briefs
Tropical Gel Bikini Set with Tie-Side Briefs
Posted: Yesterday at 14:59
Reviewer: (Anonymous)Age: 40-50Size: 34A
Customer Feel: Perfect Fit
I absolutely love this bikini, and can honestly say its the most flattering bikini I have ever bought. The fit is perfect and its made from good quality fabric which is extremely pretty. I have always had trouble buying a bikini which fits properly and is flattering on the high street due to my small breast size. I am usually a size 10 but ordered a size 12 bottoms after reading a previous review which fit perfectly. This was my first purchase from Max Cleavage but I have already ordered another bikini and can't wait to wear them both on holiday. They are a little expensive but the quality is very good and the confidence I get from actually having a cleavage is priceless.
Ruffles Gel Bikini Set with Tie-Side Briefs
Ruffles Gel Bikini Set with Tie-Side Briefs
Posted: 12th April 2017 at 14:17
Reviewer: (Anonymous)Age: 26-30Size: 34C
Customer Feel: Perfect Fit
A life changing purchase

As a Mum like many others, I've witnessed the undesirable change to my breasts that comes with motherhood. With my small breasts made smaller and the loss of tissue at the top, I have always struggled to find the right bikini that gives me the shape I once had and the natural bounce with it. I came across max cleavage. First of all the designs are lovely, but the reviews that have been left by other customers are what really sold them to me. The moment my parcel arrived I was both excited and nervous, nervous about being disappointed with the high expectations I had set. I can honestly say that in all the years I have trawled shops, settling for the best out of a bad bunch, I was in no way disappointed with the bikinis made by max cleavage. The moment I put the bikini on I could feel the quality, but what I felt inside, money simply can't buy. I felt so confident and sexy, and the all too familiar feeling of having my 2 girls back where they used to be, up top and fuller than ever! My breasts look twice the size and as natural as ever. I'm so happy with my purchase and my trust with max cleavage has increased more so as I've put in an order for some bras and simply can't wait to have the same feeling each day and not just in a bikini. Without hesitation or reservation I would recommend max cleavage to all the women I know (which I've already done) and to all the women I don't know. Its simply a must have, simply a life changing purchase!

Ps Michelle is great answering any queries and resolving any issues, it's beenough a pleasure speaking to someone who cares about your needs first.
Classique Gel Bikini Set
Classique Gel Bikini Set
Posted: 11th April 2017 at 15:39
Reviewer: (Anonymous)Age: 31-35Size: 34aa
Customer Feel: Perfect Fit
Whenever I have brought a gel bikini I've always been disappointed, but I have to say I'm absolutely over the moon. This bikini is gorgeous and I finally have a cleavage! Will definitely be buying another one for my holidays.
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