How important is it to wear the correct bra size?
How do you know your bra size?  Did you visit your local lingerie shop and asked them to do a bra fitting? or perhaps you used a guide online and a tape measure to work it out for yourself or maybe you just went for trial and error and picked a few different size bras in the shop or bought online and worked it out from there.  However you decided on your bra size did you know that this can change as we get older?  Our bodies constantly change shape so just because you always used to be a 34A, and all your bras are in 34A, doesn't necessarily mean this is the best size for you now.
So how do you know if your size you're currently wearing is correct?   Statistics show that a huge 80% of us are wearing completely the wrong size! there are a few signs to show you if it's time to have a re-think.
1. The cups & wires
The underwires should not dig in or create sore areas anywhere. They should lie flat against the rib cage without you knowing they are there! Your breast should be well supported without bulges or gaps between the cup and your skin.

2. The Straps
The strap around your body should feel comfortable but firm giving support but not restricting your breathing! If it rides up your back then the strap is too loose. Shoulder straps need to be tight enough to offer support but again they should not rub or cause problems. Try adjusting your straps if you feel you are not getting enough support from your bra.

3. The Look
When you put your clothes back on, your shape should look fuller and give you a wonderful looking bust line. A shape to give you confidence!
If you find that by the end of the day you cannot wait to get your bra off because it's so uncomfortable, that it's constantly riding up or digging in and just doesn't feel like it's giving you the support you need then it's time to get that tape measure out and check your size again.
If you follow this link it will take you to our bra fitting measuring guide
When putting your bra on for the first time it is important that you fit your breasts in to each cup. This means literally pulling each breast out of the cup and then placing it back in again. This allows the gel to settle to the bottom of your cup and moulds to the underneath of your breast. Your breast then settles on top of the gel giving you an enhanced shape. Always try a t-shirt over the top to see the shape that your new bra gives you.

If the cups are gaping.. Try adjusting the shoulder straps first and tightening the back strap. If the cup still gaps then you may need to try a smaller cup size. If you wear a 34B try 34A.

The strap rides up my back? This is a sure sign that you need to adjust the size of the strap around your body. This strap should fit snugly and give good support. However, going down a size around the chest measurement often means that the cup size will be smaller, i.e. if you are a 34A and you try a 32A, the cup size will be too small. You should try a 32B. Sounds all a bit confusing so we have put this chart below to show you the size that you should try if you are having problems with the strap around your body moving:

34A try 32B
36A try 34B
34B try 32C
36B try 34C
38B try 36C
34C try 32D
36C try 34D
38C try 36D

Problematic wires? If wires are digging in under my arms or sticking out at the front, it usually means that the cup size is too small. Try going up a cup size i.e. if you are 34B try a 34C. Your boobs are trying to work their way out of the cups and the wires are getting in their way!

Shoulder straps leave red marks? The strap around your body should be where the main support is coming from. Marks from shoulder straps means that they are trying to compensate for a back size that is too big. Try choosing a back size smaller. Alternatively try loosening your shoulder straps.

My boobs bulge out over the cups? Your boobs a clearly trying to escape so go up a cup size. Cleavage is one thing but if your boobs are uncomfortable, try the bigger size.

Finally? We want you to be thrilled with your new bra. If you are still having problems, call one of the girls in the office that will be only too pleased to help you out with extra advice. Remember that many of us in the office are wearers of underwear so we know our stuff!
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