If you've shopped with us before at MaxCleavage chances are you've heard of our best selling Atomic liquid gel bra collection.  Created a few years ago as a replacement for the popular Panache Atlantis Original gel bra, the Atomic liquid filled t-shirt bra was added to our site and quickly became one of our customers favourites.  With its soft seam free cups and generous amount of liquid gel inside the cups it's the go-to everyday bra that works just as well under your favourite jumper as it does under your sexy little black dress.  Available in black, white and nude, with fully adjustable shoulder straps and size range from 30AA-36C these bras flew off the shelves, so much so that we wanted to expand our range.  
And so the Atomic WOW was born.  Just like the original Atomic t-shirt, the WOW has the same amount of liquid gel to give an incredible shape and it also has the smooth seam free cups which make it ideal to wear under most fabrics but the difference is the WOW is a more plunging shape so it's a great choice for any low cut tops where you really want to enhance your cleavage.  
Both the Atomic liquid filled t-shirt and the Atomic WOW have wide bra wings with two hook fastening to ensure a secure fit and enough gel sewn securely inside the soft cups to increase your bust by at least a cup size.  But if you needed even more choice we also have the Atomic liquid filled Lace t-shirt bra, available in white lace, black lace and nude lace with matching shorts these are beautiful sets when you want to enhance your shape and you're looking for lingerie that have that extra special detail.  The delicate lace on these bras make you feel extra special when wearing them.  
So how do you choose which Atomic to go for?  Well personally I'd have one of each!  with the t-shirt smooth, t-shirt lace and WOW you'll have a bra in your closet for every outfit.   When it comes to picking your colour, all of the Atomic styles are designed in black, white and nude so think about what colour clothes you tend to wear, if you're always in light colours stick to the white and nude and if you prefer a darker palette when it comes to our outfits then the black and nude would be a better fit.
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