How to get the very best out of your MaxCleavage bras
We know how hard it can be to find 'the one', the bra that fits like a dream and gives you confidence every time you wear it, is soft and comfortable and works perfectly under your favourite outfits giving you curves in all the right places. So once you've found that special bra you'll want to be able to wear it again and again and have it looking good as new every time! and it all comes down to how you take care of your lingerie.
Our bras need a little extra time and attention to make sure they stay looking perfect. We are often asked by a lot of customers how to wash their gel bras, can you put them in the washing machine or are they hand wash only? What if they have a hand wash or gentle cycle on their machines will that be ok to use? Our advice every time is that although it may be tempting to just add it to your usual washing load this is likely to cut your bras shelf life and instead it is always best to hand wash any of the bras purchased on our website.
The same goes for drying your bras, never use the tumble dryer and instead make sure you just lay the bra flat to dry and away from direct strong sunlight to avoid any colour fade. Once your bra has been cleaned and dry don't be tempted to squeeze it into an overpacked drawer, it's unlikely but there is a chance this could crease the cups so make sure it has plenty of space whenever it's packed away. If you're going away you're likely to want to take your favourite bra with you and just like in your lingerie drawer, make sure you don't cram your gel bra into your suitcase as again this creates a chance for creases to be formed in the fabric. Instead give it a little room and as soon as you reach your destination unpack. If any little dents do occur don't worry these are likely to easily pop out once the bra is no longer squashed and if you need any extra help for any deeper creases you can lightly steam them and push the fabric a few times and this should reform the shape back to normal.
If you have any concerns with your bras though please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team who are always on the phone ready to help with any queries.
How to get the very best out of your MaxCleavage Swimwear
Just like with your bras the care instructions are much the same with our swimwear as well. To get the very best out of your new set it is always best to hand wash only and to dry laying flat away from harsh sunlight so if you're lucky enough to get away to beautiful hot weather make sure you don't leave your swimwear to bake out in the sun for hours as over time you may find the colour could slightly fade. Sometimes swimming pools can use a lot of chlorine in the water and this can eventually break down the fibres in all swimwear fabric so whenever you've had a dip just rinse the garments in clean non chlorinated water afterwards and don't use the drying machines often found in changing rooms as these are far too harsh. We also find it best to avoid wearing the swimwear in hot tubs as these tend to have an even higher concentrate of chlorine.
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