Where it all began ...

The idea for our special company, MaxCleavage.com, was born in year 2000 after I watched a documentary about a 14 year old girl with small breasts saving for breast enlargement surgery.  Having considered surgery myself, I knew there had to be an alternative. Although surgery provided a solution, I felt that the risks far outweighed the benefits. And so research began for possible alternatives that were pain free and didn't have any associated risks!

There are many problems that breast surgery can present.  Breast implants may have to be replaced after 7 years and it can be hard to monitor the health of the breast whilst implants are in place.  The cost is several thousands of pounds and there is no guarantee that your body will accept them.

The many products we sell offer the same benefits as surgery but without the pain, risks or expense! Silicone enhancers come in many different shapes and sizes and we can help you find the right size and shape for you. They can be worn in the bra almost like an outplant rather than an implant. We also sell gel, liquid, foam and air filled bras that provide a much fuller shape and enhanced cleavage and we deal with many different manufacturers world wide to get the very best products.

Women frequently say that they feel incomplete and lacking when they have small breasts and this can deeply affect their self-confidence and body image. What we have worked hard to do is to create an environment where you, our wonderful customers can feel comfortable and at ease when talking about products and ordering. We want you to enjoy shopping with us at MaxCleavage.com.  So if you have any questions or queries regarding our products you can contact us and we'll be happy to help you!

If ever I can be of any help or if you have something you would like to share with me, then dont hesitate to email me direct at emma@maxcleavage.com

With warmest wishes

Emma Clark

Founder MaxCleavage.com

P.S. This is my promise to you!

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