"If your chest isn’t quite as voluptuous as you’d like, fret not – the right bra can work wonders. It’s all about the push-up padded plunge to boost that cleavage and make you appear curvier. Light coloured, patterned fabrics such as white lace also add curves and draw attention to your breasts and for a real enhancement you can’t go wrong with my favourites – chicken fillets. Beloved of skinny celebs, these boob-boosters come in different cup sizes so you can vary the size depending on the impact you want to create!

For a huge range of gorgeous gel-filled bras and swimwear, as well as breast enhancers, (chicken fillets), visit MaxCleavage.com. The company’s founder Emma Clark is passionate about selling products to clients and customers that offer the same benefits as breast surgery without the pain, risks or expense. For information on their range visit www.maxcleavage.com."