What are breast enhancers?


Breast Enhancers are different to 'cookie pads' as you find in most padded bras. They are commonly know as 'chicken fillets' or 'silicone chicken fillets' due to their colour and shape and fleshy feel! However, they are in fact specially formulated medical grade silicone gel shapes that fit over or under the breast. They give the appearance of extra breast tissue which creates a fuller size and shape. They are coated with a sheer protective polyurethane exterior. They can be used as a gel insert for a bra.


Are Breast Enhancers safe?

Yes, Breast enhancers have been designed to be worn externally (outside the body) in the bra or swimwear. There are no known health risks.


Who uses Breast Enhancers?

Breast Enhancers are worn by a wide range of women: young, old, women of any age who want a little more shape. They are worn by thousands of women, supermodels, actresses, brides, bridesmaids, nurses, new mums, just about anyone who wants a fuller bust instantly. As there are no known health risks they provide a safe option, inexpensive solution.


How do they stay in place?

If you are wearing a well fitting bra with your enhancers they will stay in place. Breast Enhancers warm to the body's own temperature and mould to the natural breast shape. You don't need adhesives or tapes to keep them in place. However some women find they like to wear a waterproof adhesive when swimming for 'peace of mind'.


Can you see them through clothing? No, silicone enhancers are like a second skin. They are tapered and smooth at the edges so that they follow the natural line of the breast. They can be worn with any type of clothing as they are completely invisible.



Are they comfortable to wear? Yes, breast enhancers are extremely comfortable to wear. Our range are unique as they feel just like skin. They are super soft and fit comfortably into any bra. Soon, you will forget you are wearing them.