Which style is best for me?

We have some wonderful styles of bras to choose from on our website, from plunge to strapless, balcony to t-shirt and in various different levels of boost and finishes.  Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with so many options!  With bras ranging from 30AA to D cups and securely filled with either liquid or foam to give you a fantastic shape we have bras on our website to cater for all body shapes and sizes and we try to make sure we have something for everyones tastes although please do let us know if you think we could add anything to our collection! 


If you're not too sure where to start the first thing to have a think about it what sort of outfits will you want to wear your bra under?  Is it for that special occasion dress which has a lower neckline and you want ultimate cleavage? In which case a plunge style such as the Atomic WOW would be perfect.    The Atomic t-shirt is one of our favourites as these have smooth seam free cups that make it the ideal wardrobe staple for everyday use as it will sit smoothly under your tops without causing and lumps and bumps.


As well as the style of bra we are often asking which is better, liquid or foam? and the answer is they are both fantastic options. It’s not really a case of which is better but more which will work the best for you. Some people prefer the lightweight feeling of foam and some prefer the natural feel of liquid.  If you're a larger cup size you may find the foam bras such as the After Eden range will work better and if you're smaller, particularly 30AA-32A the liquid Atomic range will give you such a lovely shape.  If you’re not quite sure though what you'll get on best with and haven’t tried either before why not select both styles and try them on in the comfort of your own home to see which becomes your favourite.