Why should I try a MaxCleavage gel bra?

You may have heard about gel bras before but have never tried one on, perhaps you've seen them in the shops or heard a friend talk about how well they work to enhance their shape and are intrigued.  But why should you try one of our gel bras from our website?  We can write all day about how amazing our gel bras are and that in an instant you can easily increase your bust size but we really believe that you have to try them for yourself to see just how good they really are.


Here at MaxCleavage we have spent the last few years perfecting the liquid gel bra.  We were huge fans of the Panache Atlantis liquid gel bra and couldn't believe it when they stopped making them.  When the last few were snatched up for inflated prices on Ebay we knew there was a big gap in the market and set to work creating our own version.  We tested hundreds of fabrics and bra cups and gel pads before coming up with the design you will see today on our website- the Atomic liquid filled t-shirt bra, quickly followed by the Atomic WOW plunge and the Atomic lace bras.  All bras in our Atomic collection come with liquid gel pads sewn securely inside the cups to give a really natural look and feel and all will give you at least a 2 cup boost.


Our full Atomic collection-


We firmly believe these are the best liquid gel bras that there are on the market today and you will see many reviews on our website from our lovely customers who have tried them at home and now can't be without them.  We're so confident that you will love them too but we know how hard it can be ordering online, it's not easy to get the right size straight away and sometimes what you thought would work perfectly with a specific outfit just doesn't look quite as you'd hoped.  That's ok, as long as items remain tagged when you try them on if you change your mind for any reason you can just pop it back to us in the original packaging within 14 days and request a full refund.  It is free to send items back to us and we will endeavour to process your refund within 5 working days or receipt.

For full details on how to send items back please follow the link below
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