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Maxicups (with nipple) Silicone Enhancers

Maxicups (with nipple) Silicone Enhancers

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Maxicup breast forms are ideal for larger A cups to C cups, building up the natural breast giving a totally new cup size and shape. They have also been designed to lift the existing breast for maximum cleavage and to enhance your size by 0.5 to 2 cups. You may find you will need a larger cup size bra to accomodate them. Sold as a pair. 

Are Maxicups right for me? Order Maxicups if you have a natural breast shape that is bigger than an A cup. The curve of the maxicup will fit around your existing shape. If you are very small busted and have very little shape, try the Maxifullness instead. The nipple on this cup is quite small and will not show through a padded bra. 

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