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Maxifullness Silicone Enhancers

Maxifullness Silicone Enhancers

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Maxifullness enhancers have been designed for people with a small cup size. Ideal for AA or very small A cups.

This breast form is slightly convex at the back which ensures a snug fit and gives the appearance of a much fuller breast shape, and will enhance your size by up to one cup size.

As featured in Company Magazine. Rated 9 out of 10!!!

Sold as a pair. If you are small busted, then these are perfect for you.

Are Maxifullness right for me?
If you are naturally very small busted then Maxifullness are for you. They are flat at the back so fit well to a small AAA/AA cup size. Get ready for a whole new breast size, they'll give you instant curves! Medium are ideal for 30-34 around the back and Large are better for wider chest sizes, 36-40.
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